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Hunter, Jumper, Equitation

Madchen Giesler is the Hunter/Jumper/Equitation trainer at RBR. She has over 20 years of experience riding and showing on the California "A" show circuit, 9 of those years as a professional. Madchen understands that every horse and rider is different and she works hard to create individualized training programs so that everyone can excel at their own pace. Lessons are available for all levels of riders as well as training programs for young horses to the Grand Prix level.













PRICE LIST UPDATED January 1,st 2020

Individual Lessons or Rides:

*Lessons must be cancelled 24 hours in advance or you will be charged*

 Horses in Training:
Training Fees:
~Full Training (monthly)
Discounts on board for horses in full training program.

$500.00- includes a combination of rides and lessons up to five days a week.

Lesson Packages:

10 lessons/rides for $500.00. Lessons must be used within 3 month of purchase. **Can not be applied to show training. **


Show Fees for Full Training: 

~Day fee at horse shows (per day) $50.00

Horse Show Splits:
The following charges are not included in the day fee and will be split among clients at the show – shavings, feed, tack stalls, feed stalls, grooming stalls, turnout paddocks, laundry, concessions, hotels, rental car, airline tickets,
hospitality table, or other expenses incurred by staff.
Fees do not include: entries, hauling, braiding, grooming, medications, and veterinary or farrier services. These amounts will be assessed separately for each horse, according to individual services received.

Show Fees for horses not in full training:

~Day fee (per day, for rides and coaching at show)

Note: Horses not in full training who stable and show with Rock-A-Bye Ranch will be charged the same fees as horses in training (such as stalls, feed and bedding, etc.), and are also responsible for any other charges and professional services incurred.


When assisting in the purchase or sale of a horse, Rock-A-Bye Ranch will charge a commission equal to ten (10%) percent of the purchase or sale price as the case may be.  This commission is due upon sale or purchase. Expense for travel, lodging, plane fares, mileage, rental cars, gas, meals and other expenses incurred by Rock-A-Bye Ranch while shopping for a horse will be paid for by the customer. A $50.00 fee, as well as travel expenses will be charged for assessing a horse.























































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